• Aug 30


    Name: Vincent K.L. ChangNationality: Dutch (The Netherlands)Overseas Studying Period: September 2012 – July 2016Alma Mater: Southwest University (SWU)Graduated Major:Modern Chinese HistoryGraduated As:PhD student with CSC scholarshipAchieved Position:SWU ‘Excellent Graduate’ Award; Valedictorian at 2016 SWU Degree CeremonyOn 29 May 2016, during a PhD defense session at Southwest Uni

  • Jun 29

    China Dream from an american student

    Name: MAZZANTI, JARED ANTHONYNationality:the United States of AmericaOverseas Studying Period: September 2013-July 2016Alma Mater: Central South UniversityAchieved Position:Addressing at 2016 CSU commencement ceremony as the only representative of graduate students.Graduated As:Master’s degree student of Chinese Government Scholarship: China-US People-to Peopl

  • May 09

    The Connection between Jureynolds and China

    Name: JureynoldsNationality:IndonesiaOverseas Studying Period: September 2013-July 2016Alma Mater: Shenyang Normal UniversityGraduated Major:Linguistics and applied linguisticsGraduated As:MasterStudent with ChineseGovernment ScholarshipAchieved Position:Best 48 of 2014 “Chinese Bridge”-Global Foreigners Chinese Competition; Third place of Chinese Competition in

  • Apr 22

    HUST Lao Alumna Chantha Onxayvieng Appointed as Director General of the Public Administration Research and Training Institute, MOHA

    Name: CHANTHA ONXAYVIENGNationality: LaotianOverseas Studying Period: September 2012-July 2015Alma Mater: Huazhong University of Science and TechnologyGraduated Major:Administration ManagementGraduated As:Doctoral Student with ChineseGovernment ScholarshipAchieved Position: Director General of the Public Administration Research and Training InstituteRecently, Huaz

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