Statement on Website of Chinese Government Scholarships for Studies in China
Date:2019.05.08 Attention: From:

Recently the China Scholarship Council (CSC) has received complaints illustrating that a website ( has released a large number of information about Chinese scholarships for studies in China, especially the information of Chinese Government Scholarships. Part of the information inconsistent with the facts has misled and caused troubles to the parties concerned.

We hereby make a statement as follows:

1. This website is irrelevant to CSC.

2. The only official website of CSC to release the information of Chinese scholarships for studies in China is: or

3. CSC did not authorize any individual or entity to publish the information of Chinese Government Scholarships. We remind applicants to verify such information.

CSC shall reserve the right to take necessary legal actions against any infringement in the name of CSC.


??????????????? China Scholarship Council

??????? ???????April 28, 2019

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